DJ Brennan provides professional polished entertainment without using the outdated cliché techniques that people think of when someone mentions a wedding DJ. There are no cheesy interactive skits, no lighting that looks like it could have been at Studio 54 in the 70s, and no gimmicks or tricks. Just straight forward entertainment with a clean setup from an expert with over 15 years in the industry.

Each event is different so I tailor my approach and music to your event. Whether you’ve got a classic country crowd, a modern hits crowd, or a mix of everything, I’ll weave and mix together the musical choices right for your event rather than playing from a pre-set list. I pride myself on making sure your event is unique.


Imagine a carefully choreographed dance of service. You arrive from your wedding photos with your guests awaiting your arrival for the Grand Introduction. The MC announces your wedding party, your parents, then finally the newly wedded couple. The crowd erupts as the music swells for your entrance.

Every minute of your wedding day carefully planned. From your arrival, to your first dance, to the moment when everybody joins you on the dance floor to party the night away. DJ Brennan makes it happen.

I'm here to ensure every moment of your wedding day goes smoothly. I work with your photographer so I know when you’ll arrive and when you’ll be out of the building. I make sure to announce the meals only when the caterer is ready all while making sure we stay true to your timeline.

I take pride in my personal service and making certain you get the absolute best entertainment for your event as well as our attention to detail.

DJ Brennan proudly serves everybody because we believe everybody deserves a happily ever after.

special events

DJ Brennan provides highly customized entertainment. My goal is to make sure everything is absolutely perfect for your event. My focus is to make sure your entertainment is exactly the way you want it. With one-on-one service from the planning process right up until the day of your event I'll make sure everything is perfect for your party or special event.

My music subscriptions include clean edits so I have the right music for all audiences, young and old. I have all genres of music in our huge library and can provide entertainment for all types of events.

the gear

When you’re choosing a DJ for your wedding or special event, chances are you probably don’t know or even care what gear the DJ is using. (Unless you’re an audio geek like me)

What does matter though is how the DJ presents himself and his setup and that everything sounds and looks great. You’ve put a lot of your own care and attention into making sure everything looks perfect. The last thing you want is an eyesore of a DJ setup with cables hanging everywhere, an oversized table taking up half the dance floor, and a lighting rig that looks like it would have been at home at a disco in the 70s.

I’ve spent years figuring out and building the perfect setup for most events. Clean, efficient, with a small footprint and just the right amount of lighting to animate your dance floor without overwhelming your guests. My custom table is one-of-a-kind and unique to DJ Brennan. It even got me featured in an issue of the DJ Magazine Mobile Beat.


DJ Brennan is available for booking through Juiced Audio & Lighting.